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Build direct relationships on top of your audience data

Publishers such as The BBC, The Financial Times, and Insider Inc. use Permutive to increase their ad revenue by future-proofing themselves against OMP collapse, opt-out users, and the deprecation of the third-party cookie.
“Whatever you think you know about your product or your audience, you haven't scratched the surface of what's possible.”

David Hayter, Programmatic, Data and Technology Director at The Stylist Group

  • 4x

    Increase in revenue powered by their audience data (Insider Inc.)

  • 26%

    Year-on-year growth in direct-sold revenue for 2022 (BuzzFeed)

  • 91%

    Increase in year-on-year quarterly revenue (Financial Times)

  • 46%

    Increase in revenue from first-party data in 2022 (Penske Media Corporation)

Stay one 
step ahead 
in a privacy-conscious world

As privacy concerns reset the ad industry, this is your chance to safeguard your future success with powerful data collection, collaboration, analysis and activation. All made possible in a privacy-safe ecosystem, by Permutive’s Audience Platform.

  • Prioritize your first-party data

    Collect, model and analyse large volumes of data that update in real time. With no links to third-party cookies or IDs, your data stays in your control.

  • Connect securely to advertisers

    Match audiences with advertisers via Permutive Vaults to understand and target their users on your domain – while we safeguard you from data exposure.

  • Discover privacy-safe cohorts

    Target groups of users by common attributes, not individual IDs. With full control over cohorts, you can safeguard users and your value as a data owner.



  • 100% addressability

    Permutive’s patented edge technology is the only way to reach 100% of users - across web, app, and CTV - and activate on every single impression, in real-time, and on the first page view.

  • Built for all audiences

    Permutive was built for endemic and non-endemic audiences alike: match and import any data type and scale through models and insights.

  • Insights for each stage of your cycle

    Maximize your value to buyers with differentiated data and insights at every stage of your cycle. From RFP through to re-booking, Permutive equips your team with the insights to win.

Permutive works because of its patented on-device processing

Permutive’s patented edge processing performs computations on a user’s device, rather than broadcasting their data to the cloud. It keeps sensitive information where it belongs, and brings these significant benefits of speed and scale in its place.

  • Effortless scale

    Collect, model, and analyse large volumes of data that update in real time. With no links to third-party cookies or IDs, your data stays in your control.

  • 100% addressability

    Take segmentation and analysis from overnight to real time. Our platform works in-session for perfect match rates even on passerby traffic.

  • Real-time reporting

    Live campaign analysis and unlimited lookbacks deliver unique audience insights that boost inventory value with pre- and post-campaign reporting and mid-campaign optimisation to drive advertisers' outcomes – giving you an edge in winning RFPs.


Permutive integrates in real-time with a host of partners.

Publishers are building direct-sold businesses with Permutive

Penske Media Corporation (PMC) needed to develop a strategy that would enable it to monetize 100% of its audience across its portfolio, even cookie-blocked or opted-out audiences while respecting data choices.

Via Permutive, PMC has access to more of its audience data to help them sell across the portfolio. Permutive enabled PMC to move from a vertical to a portfolio strategy to better compete on scale and supports the publisher with delivering pre-sale and post-campaign insights to drive stronger advertiser relationships. 

A final key step was ensuring that every commercial team across the organisation knew the value of its first-party data and that the sales team understood its unique selling proposition and why it mattered to advertisers. 

  • 70%

    of impressions served with first-party data in 2022

  • 46%

    increase in revenue from first-party data in 2022

  • 5x

    increase in performance (CTR) in campaigns that only used first-party data

  • 5x

    increase in driving effective CPA for a clothing retailer when using PMC’s first-party data (SHE Media)

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